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Adjoining Islands: The Cuban Pavilion in Manhattan


Alexandre Arrechea, Yoan Capote, Duvier del Dago, Eduardo Ponjuán

October 27, 2011 - February 10, 2012

Press Release::

The 8th Floor is pleased to announce Adjoining Islands: The Cuban Pavilion in Manhattan, which features the four Cuban artists—Alexandre Arrechea, Yoan Capote, Duvier del Dago and Eduardo Ponjuán—participating in the Cuban Pavilion at this year’s Venice Biennale.

Although contemporary Cuban artists have participated in this prestigious international exhibition since the mid 1980’s, this summer marks Cuba’s first official participation as a nation. Celebrating these artists in New York affirms Cuba’s important place in international contemporary art and supports the connection forged by the Cuban Pavilion on the island of San Servolo with artists from around the world.

Adjoining Islands presents recent work including sculpture, painting, video, works on paper and a site-specific installation by Duvier del Dago.

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