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FREE CeCe! Screening and Conversation with CeCe McDonald

FREE CeCe! Screening and Conversation with CeCe McDonald
Monday, April 3, 2017

Detail of CeCe McDonald in Andrea Bowers’ Roundtable Discussion (2016)

LGBTQ activist CeCe McDonald, who appears in dialogue with Patrisse Cullors and Jennicet Gutierrez in Andrea Bowers’ video installation Roundtable Discussion (2016) on view in The Intersectional Self, joined us for a screening of the film FREE CeCe! and follow-up conversation with Rubin Foundation Director Sara Reisman. Produced by Laverne Cox and Jacqueline Gares, FREE CeCe! focuses on McDonald’s survival of a racist and transphobic attack and subsequent prison sentence in an all-male prison. 

CeCe McDonald is an activist, spokesperson and icon in the LGBTQ community. Gaining international recognition after surviving a transphobic and white supremacist attack, McDonald has graced stages across the country, where she uses storytelling to articulate the personal and political implications of being both black and trans. Now as one of the founders of the Black Excellence Collective and Black Excellence Tour, created with best friend Joshua Allen, she fosters important conversations around mass incarceration, sexuality, and violence.

March 14, 2017