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Past Events

Uncertain Waters: Rafters 1994 (Balseros 1994: Olas Inciertas)

INVITE Foto Cuba REV100


Janis Lewin is a photographer and teacher, working on assignments, long-term projects and events in the New York area.  She has a BA in Art History from the University of California at Berkeley, and began photography in the early seventies in the Bay Area. Her photographic project in Cuba began in 1990 and continued throughout the nineties and beyond with two or three month-long trips to the island each year.  Selections of those photographs have been widely published and exhibited. She has lifelong friendships in Cuba and is now leading photographic workshops there. Her interest in Latin America continues with upcoming workshops in Peru and Ecuador.

The Rafters Crisis of 1994 was an emotional event for all involved, and Ms. Lewin considers it a privilege and a responsibility to have been a witness to a small part of this critical moment in the island’s history.

July 15, 2013